Housing Project with International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Microcredit Deposit Organization Furuz  together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has launched a new loan product in the field of microcredit "Home for You".
The loan product "Home for You" allows you to save money on construction and repair of the house and save money on the client's expenses. This product provides a service according to which the cost of construction / repair of the house is prepared, ie a special calculator determines the volume of construction work, calculates the amount required for the implementation of their construction project and provides detailed information on the quantity and cost of construction materials.


The advantages of this product are:


• construction calculator - accurately calculates all construction costs, including the use of materials that save energy during heating or cooling the house;

• video tutorials (disks provided during construction). The video shows training courses on construction work, from foundation to window installation and roofing;

• Discount coupon, which allows you to save up to 15% on the cost of construction materials. Discounts when offering nominal coupons to customers will be offered by the partners of the organization.